The following works are examples of illustration assignments and editorial packages art directed by Cath as Senior Editorial Designer for VICE Editorial from 2021 through 2022.

Please contact her for freelance inquiries:

a bunch of dogs surrounding an overwhelmed dog trainer
Kelsey BorchPandemic Dog Trainers
Zoë van DijkTom Colicchio Profile
in the center a person crying, behind her her family is having a party
Tomekah GeorgeDelayed Covid Grief
a group of people encircled around a bonfire holding hands below a starry night sky
Andresito guzmanPeyote Ceremony
a chaotic scene of restaurant workers
John p. DessereauCan HR Save Restaurants?
tourists taking up every inch of a crowded beach
spencer AshleyOverwhelmed Hospitality Workers
DOris LiouUkrainian Matchmaking Company
Dalbert VilarinoTwitch DJ's
woman at a keyboard surrounded by ominous computer windows in a shadowy room
Joe GoughFacebook True Crime Junkies
a canadian police officer silhouetted in front of bright beaming headlights
Nicole RifkinAccused RCMP Officer
KATHERINE LAMLeaving the Church
SERIES: DAD BODTrans Pregnancy During Covid
SERIES: DAD BODHistory of the Pregnant Man
SERIES: DAD BODSharing My Trans Pregnancy
SERIES: STATE Of the suburbsNotos Pizza
SERIES: state of the suburbsToucan Taco Keeps Hanging On
SERIES: state of the suburbsGuide to Alhambra
SERIES: REC ROOMIllustration by Kate Dehler
SERIES: REC ROOMIllustration by Kate Dehler
SERIES: REC ROOMIllustration by Kate Dehler